Welcome to my blog! 

The flower in the broken concrete image on my home page represents three things which I write about:

1). There is unexpected beauty in overlooked places – even broken places. I believe in finding that beauty and truth and sharing it with you so we may all be inspired  and learn from what we find.

2). Small things have powerful impact. Even tiny little flowers can break through concrete. You’d never expect something so small and seemingly insignificant to impact something so powerful. Yet that’s how the Kingdom of God works. I want to help remind us that  our perspective of limitations are only obstacles to be broken through.

3). Fitness and health – another overlooked source of powerful life lessons, which are connected to spirituality. As I grow in my own health and fitness journey, I love training others to do so as well (visit my Fitness Coaching page for info on personal training services).

Please join me on the journey of finding beauty and truth in unexpected places, and pushing through limits to the fullest life we can imagine!

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