Fasting for Lasting Change


Is food your source of comfort?

Many of us struggle to lose weight or achieve the muscle tone we’re looking for due to using food as a coping mechanism. Until you get that figured out, it’s always going to be an up-and-down battle.

I strongly suggest “fasting” for a week or two, only eating natural, healthy foods. Not only is it good for your body and teach you how you actually should be eating, but when you restrict your allowance for more indulgent foods, it can be very revealing about how much we either depend on food, or simply eat mindlessly.

What does fasting do?

When tempted to give in to something unhealthy, we must¬†learn how to find what we’re REALLY looking for that’s going to solve the problem. Food never solves the problem, and only makes things worse. Maybe these are times you should be praying instead, taking your worry or fear to the Lord; maybe you need to call up a friend to talk or work out a problem; maybe it’s going to the gym or maybe it’s journaling.

Be brave enough to dig deep and look and what’s really going on inside of you, feeling unfulfilled or needy.

Try sticking to this list of foods for 1-2 weeks as a way to renew your mind and body. Let it be a sacrifice of worship and a place to learn to trust God, not his gifts….and begin to make changes that will last a lifetime.

You are worth it. 

*If you need help, please contact me. I create very customized meal plans with foods you enjoy that will still allow you to lose weight and/or gain muscle. $80 for a 6-week plan.

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I am a fitness coach, Jesus-follower, and believer that truth and beauty are found in overlooked places. I often write about the connection between the physical and spiritual to encourage strong and empowered Kingdom living.

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