Please Drive with Aloha – Part 2

July 15th, 2009

This is better written than anything I’ve attempted, so I’m just posting it here with excerpt below.

…I think the truth is most of us are just too busy and can’t see what matters. To be interrupted and be available isn’t in the “schedule.” I can be so busy trying to get somewhere, or get my agenda done that I miss where I am at right now. I miss the opportunity in front of me. As a student, I miss the person who just needs to know they matter. I can plan so much that I have a tendency to plan God right out of my life. For me, I see so much and yet sometimes fail to see anything….

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I am a fitness coach, Jesus-follower, and believer that truth and beauty are found in overlooked places. I often write about the connection between the physical and spiritual to encourage strong and empowered Kingdom living.

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